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    You will receive comprehensive treatment from experienced specialists. Dr. Kipnis, D.N. Ph. D. & Dr. Arbitman D.N strongly believe that any health issue needs to be addressed on all three levels: mind, body, and spirit.

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Dr. Lev Kipnis

Dr. Kipnis, D.N. is a well-known specialist with more than 25 years of medical practice.

Dr. Olga Arbitman

Dr. Olga Arbitman, D.N. has extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy

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We are committed to providing the highest quality patient-centered care in a warm and nurturing environment. Schedule your appointment today.  

T. (847) 724-1777 

Tuesday - 9AM–6PM
Thursday - 9AM–6PM
Saturday - 9AM–3PM


Glenview, IL

Experts in Pain Treatment and Holistic Medicine

We will optimize your ability to achieve your rehabilitation goals by empowering you to participate and take leadership in your recovery. Each treatment program is individualized and is based on the findings of a thorough assessment completed by the health care professional.


Manual Therapy and Naprapathy Services


Neuropathy and Chronic Intractable Pain Therapy


Therapeutic Ultrasound and Shock Wave Therapy


Home Individual Exercise Plan


Neuro-Muscular Reeducation


Weight Reduction Program and Nutritional Counseling



Most Demanded Services

Our comprehensive treatment plans to improve your health

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