Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects the lumbar and sacral spine, from around your waist down to your tailbone. It is the most common cause of disability in the Western world. Even though many people consider it “normal” in middle age, low back pain is not inevitable. At Health Box Clinic in Glenview, IL, hundreds of patients have found successful relief. 

What are the Causes of Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain is caused by excessive strain, weakened muscles, or incorrect movement. People who are overweight or women with a history of pregnancy are more likely to have low back pain, for example. Additionally, a lack of physical activity can weaken the muscles and place excessive strain on your ligaments and joints. Tension from prolonged sitting, incorrect lifting, and excess twisting or jerking movements may also contribute to pain. 

How do I Know if my Lower Back Pain is Serious?

Some causes of lower back pain are serious, and need emergency treatment. These are infection, injury to the spine or spinal cord, and cancer. Their symptoms can include impaired mobility; altered sensation, which may be over-sensitive or numbed; and over- or under-reactive reflexes. Infection will often also include a fever. An injury will be noticeable immediately, while symptoms of cancer may take months or years before they are recognized as serious. Infection generally develops relatively fast. 

Without rapid treatment, injuries can become more severe, while infections and cancer spread, so seek emergency medical assistance as soon as possible if you have impaired neurological function or a fever. 

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Effective low back pain treatment usually involves gentle alternative therapies, which can stimulate tissue regeneration or safely relieve pain at the least. At Health Box Clinic, our treatments include: 

  • Manual therapies, neuromuscular reeducation, and therapeutic exercises aim to establish correct movement and posture while relieving tension. 
  • Electrotherapy helps to not only block pain signals, but also boost circulation for tissue repair. 
  • Shockwave therapy creates tiny pockets of damage, stimulating healing that goes beyond these areas. 
  • Cold laser therapy, which promotes tissue regeneration through increased energy production and relieves inflammation. 

If low back pain is holding you back, our therapies can help. Contact us here or at (847) 724-1777 for an appointment with Dr. Lev Kipnis, D.N. , or Dr. Olga Arbitman, D.N.  to find your best treatment plan. 

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