Post-COVID Syndrome

Most of us are glad to see the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. For the 10% of people infected with COVID-19, the troubles continue, as the usually short-term infection has created ongoing health problems. So what is it, and how can we relieve it?

What is Post-COVID Syndrome?

Post-COVID conditions are symptoms that remain for at least 12 weeks (almost three months) after diagnosis with COVID-19. They must also last for more than two months to be “true” long COVID. However, at Health Box Clinic, we recognize the importance of early treatment, so we welcome all patients who have tested negative for COVID-19 but still show symptoms. 

Post COVID-19 Symptoms 

Post-COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to those seen in chronic fatigue syndrome after other viral infections: persistent fatigue and lethargy that isn’t relieved by rest; muscle and joint pain; reduced physical endurance; and impaired cognition. 

Issues more unique to COVID-19 are:

  • Inability to smell or taste food, with some people describing a constant perceived smell of cigarette smoke
  • Hair loss (alopecia), which may only grow back slowly after the active infection 
  • Chronic cough or sneezing
  • Shortness of breath after little or no physical activity 
  • Low libido and erectile dysfunction 

Treatment of Post-COVID Syndrome 

Post-COVID fatigue and other symptoms can be effectively treated with holistic intervention, but the best remedies are unique to each patient. For the best post-COVID fatigue treatment, supplements that balance and strengthen immune function are commonly prescribed, such as vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D may even reduce mortality among elderly patients, a more difficult achievement than relieving non-life threatening post-COVID issues. 

Others, such as vitamin C, arginine, and bromelain, can provide benefits by reducing the inflammation that drives fatigue and poor cognition. At Health Box Clinic, one of our favorite anti-inflammatory remedies is Tabari noni extract. Like other types of chronic fatigue, you may need supplementation with nutrients that restore healthy cellular energy production, including B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. The branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) boost energy and protect muscle mass, making them especially important if you are older. 

How can we tell which treatment is best for you? At Health Box Clinic, Dr. Lev Kipnis, D.N. Ph.D. and Dr. Olga Arbitman, D.N. use the  Sensitive Audit to help determine the most important aspects of your treatment and the right interventions. With 97% accuracy, we can see what you need most and where your symptoms are coming from. 

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