The right supplements depend on your needs as an individual, and your nutritional needs may not fit dietary recommendations. Functional nutritional deficiencies and drug-induced nutrient depletions are common, so many patients seek advice regarding the correct selection of supplements in Chicago. You may need supplementation with specific probiotics, herbs, homeopathic tablets, drops under the tongue, vitamins, or minerals, even when your current nutrient intake is enough for the average person. 

Supplement Selection for Treating Illness or Maintaining Health 

Treating an illness or maintaining your health often require you to address functional nutritional deficiencies, or drug-induced nutrient depletions. A functional deficiency is where your nutrient intake fits the standard guidelines, but is not enough to meet your needs. If you have written a food diary or food frequency questionnaire, and you still have symptoms despite your nutrient intake matching the average requirements for your age, sex, and weight, there may be a functional deficiency. 

Situations that can cause functional deficiencies include: 

  • Poor cooking or inadequate chewing, such as if you eat while stressed
  • Low stomach acid, digestive enzymes, or bile production, including if you have had weight loss surgery
  • Gut bacteria populations that affect absorption or consume the nutrient themselves 
  • High intakes of certain nutrients that may affect how well your body uses others 
  • A larger than average body weight, which increases your requirements of all nutrients 
  • You perform intense physical activity, such as if you are an athlete or certain emergency service roles
  • Higher requirements because of stress, illness, or recovery from injuries 
  • Genetic defects that affect how nutrients are absorbed, processed, or cleared from the body 
  • Drug-induced nutrient depletion 

In the case of drug-induced nutrient depletions, the pharmaceuticals you take may reduce absorption of certain nutrients, or speed up their removal from the body. Those that affect the digestive system may even lower absorption of almost all nutrients, for example. At Health Box Clinic, we will consider all of your prescriptions and recommend supplements that compensate for any possible nutrient depletion. 

Supplement Selection at Health Box Clinic 

Health Box Clinic provides patients in the Chicago area with high-quality, precision supplement selection. With decades of experience across a range of health problems and PhD in holistic nutrition, Dr. Lev Kipnis, D.N. PHD leaves no stone unturned. 

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