Health Box Clinic is proud to offer the Sensitiv Imago diagnostics in Chicago, IL, to give patients clear guidance. Sensitive Imago Diagnostic is the new cutting edge Hardware-Software technology that facilitates the most accurate diagnosing and balancing of abnormal health issues. This advanced program allows effective health care. The purpose of the Sensitiv Imago technology is to help you to finally take control of your health. 

A Feature of Sensitiv Imago Diagnostics 

Sensitiv Imago Diagnostics allows you to find health problems at an early stage of development, so you can prevent clinical disease from appearing. Even better, it gives our Glenview patients estimates of how likely specific treatments are to be effective at prevention or treatment. 

Sensitiv Imago Diagnostic Capabilities 

Patients seek out the Sensitiv Imago diagnostic in Chicago, IL, for its ability to detect a wide variety of conditions. This bioresonance diagnostics and therapy system is particularly sought after for chronic, non-specific “mystery” diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, where it is difficult for conventional means to determine their cause. However, all physical, mental, and emotional issues can be detected with Sensitiv Imago. These are divided into nine “filters”:

  1. Skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue
  2. Cardiovascular system
  3. Blood, spleen, and bone marrow
  4. Digestive system
  5. Urogenital organs, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder
  6. Immune and respiratory organs
  7. Endocrine system
  8. Sensory organs and peripheral nervous system
  9. Central nervous system

Sensitiv Audit and Sensitiv Imago Computer Diagnostics 

At Health Box Clinic, we have the ability to conduct an even more detailed examination, with the Sensitiv Audit addition. This module has three extra capabilities: 

  • Determine whether you have undiagnosed allergies or are taking supplements that don’t fit your needs
  • Measuring the activity of your entire microbiome – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasites – and finding where they are
  • Estimating your chances of developing diseases you are at risk for within five years 

How Sensitiv Imago Works 

Sensitiv Imago bioresonance diagnostics works by detecting changes at the cellular level, before they can lead to disease in the organs and tissues. It uses readings of electromagnetic radiation throughout the body, which indicate health or disease through changes in cellular activity. Each receives a score indicating anything from a development risk to an acute, active process. 

What Does the Sensitiv Imago Diagnosis Include?

Sensitiv Imago supports treatment and prevention of chronic disease by uncovering their underlying causes: 

  1. Diagnosis of active illnesses and issues you are at risk for
  2. Nutritional recommendations, including both foods you must consume or avoid
  3. Allergens
  4. Microbiome function
  5. Chronic infections, including viruses and bacteria 
  6. Toxic burden, including metabolic wastes such as histamine, pesticides, and food additives 
  7. The function of blood vessels, peripheral nerves, and other tissues
  8. Potential diseases that may need a referral for extra diagnosis and treatment. 
  9. How well you are likely to respond to treatments, including preparation type (e.g., tablets, tincture, ointment)

Sensitiv Imago Diagnostic Services at Health Box Clinic 

By using computer-based health diagnostics, you can learn about the functioning of any organ or system in your body and understand what specialized doctor you have to visit. Call Health Box Clinic today at 847-724-1777 or contact us online to get your initial consultation.

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