Sensitive Imago Diagnostic Services in Glenview, IL

Sensitive Imago Diagnostic is the new cutting edge Hardware-Software technology that facilitates the most accurate diagnosing and balancing of abnormal health issues. This advanced program allows effective health care. The purpose of the Sensitiv Imago technology is to help you to finally take control of your health.

Full Check-Up of the Human Body

At Health Box Clinic diagnostics of the human body is performed using the diagnostic equipment based on the finding that cells, tissues and organs are structures of certain bioelectric properties and experiments have shown that pathological processes can change them quickly and deeply. It allows efficient treatment of the existent health disorders:

  • Sensitive Imago Diagnostic
  • Express evaluation of health condition;
  • Detecting of the weakest systems and organs;
  • Determining of the preliminary diagnoses;
  • Presence of pathogenic microflora, its activity and localization;
  • Selecting and testing of proper medical treatment;
  • Determining of the allergens;
  • Defining of the degree of the accumulative heavy metals and toxins in the body;
  • Comparing the results in health condition before and after the treatment;
  • Ensuring various recommendations and consultations.


By using the computer-based health diagnostics, you can learn about the functioning of any organ or system in your body and understand what specialized doctor you have to visit. Call Health Box Clinic today at 847-724-1777 or contact us online to get your initial consultation

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