Dr. Kipnis, D.N. has been working in the medical field for over 25 years. He is a member of the American Naprapathic Association, American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine, and National Association of Nutrition Professionals.


  • National College of Naprapathy (Chicago, USA) – Doctor of Naprapathy
  • Clayton College of Natural Health – PHD program in Holistic Nutrition.
  • Harvard Medical School, Post Educational Program: “Natural Remedies for Psychiatric Disorder” and Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management.
  • The Medical Educator Consortium: – Vitamins, Allergy, Inflammation, Essential Fatty Acids, Nutritional Interventions.



  • The National Board of Naprapathic Examiners
  • Integrated Neuromascular Re-Education Muscle
  • Energy Therapy and Positional Release
  • Bio-Meridian BEST System for Meridian Stress Assessment
  • The Ondamed Biofeedback System


Dr. Kipnis, D.N. has been practicing surgery and rehabilitation medicine for ten years. As a doctor of Naprapath, he has been successfully treating patients with connective tissue disorders, using various methods of physical, and manual therapy along with consultations on holistic nutrition.

  • Medical School and Diploma of Medical Doctor (Europe)
  • Residency of Surgery
  • Attending Surgeon Physician
  • Fellowship in Rehabilitation and Sport’s Medicine
  • Chief of Physicians at the Center of Rehabilitation and Sport’s Medicine
  • PhD Program – in Medicine
  • PhD Program – in Holistic Nutrition
  • Diploma, Board Certified and License Doctor of Naprapathy
  • Harvard Medical School, Post Educational Program “Natural Remedies for Psychiatric Disorder”


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